Isola Chianina

10kg Isola Chianina Beef Box


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In regards to the make up of the 10kg boxes it is important to note that no two boxes will be identical but will typically include:

  • 2 T-bone steak’s (one large and one smaller)
  • A rib eye steak or some Eye Fillet
  • A rump, flat iron or skirt steak
  • A piece of roasting beef (either bolar blade or fresh silverside)
  • Top side or Round, cut for schnitzel BBQ or minute steak
  • Diced beef Mince
  • Osso Buco or Short ribs
  • Chuck on the bone

Our cattle are 100% grass fed and will not eat grain at all throughout their life. The animals are free range and will be allowed to grow out to between 2-3 years. These two facts combined with our dry aging procedure are designed to give maximum flavour to our beef.

Obviously an animal doesn’t divide up into even portions, but we ensure that each box will have the same percentage of primary cuts and secondary cuts. Each portion is vacuum sealed and labelled with the cut name and weight.

What an exciting way to extend your cooking repertoire.